Guiding Principle

We invest in quality of life and in economic strength

The Wernsing Food Family has valuable experience and comprehensive know-how and represents an uncompromising quality standard. We offer products that meet high environmental and social standards in production, as well as consumption. Our positioning, “Sustainable good food”, therefore expresses our self-evidence.

In this, we particularly feel committed to these areas:

  • Ecological sustainability – responsible handling of the environment, energy and resources.
  • Economic sustainability – the requirement of producing good food and fulfilling the expectations of the customers.
  • Social sustainability – structuring the corporate values in a lively manner and giving employees prospects all levels.

We combine our ecological, economic and social goals into a sustainable concept for the entire Group of companies. In order to implement this successfully, we promote responsible conduct with our employees, as well as with business partners and other reference groups.

Company Mission Statement for the Wernsing Food Family (PDF)

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