Family Concept

The Wernsing Food Family - From a family business to a corporate family

The individual companies in the Wernsing Food Family are growing together more and more into a corporate family. Common values and deeds form the foundation for determined and resolute action.

The family values particularly come to the fore with this. Supporting one another, permitting a living, open culture of discussion and providing scope for growth and development for the following generations – these human qualities are reflected in the corporate activities. However, traditional values, such as being down to earth and responsible, consistent and reliable characterise entrepreneurial activity from tradition.

We would like to bind employees to our corporate family over the long term, as continuity in all areas makes an important contribution to quality assurance. Furthermore, we support family-friendly solutions and secure the employability of the older staff. After all, we are a family business in every aspect.

The Wernsing family business does not think in terms of quarters, but rather, in terms of generations. Instead of short-term concepts and quick profit maximisation, the business strategies are therefore forward-looking and long-term. No one expects rapid price rises and whatever has been earned flows back into the company. Furthermore, the decision-making processes are short, business projects and processes are uncomplicated. This dynamic is an outstanding feature of the Wernsing Food Family, as it also contributes to securing the company's financial strength.


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