The responsible combination of ecology and economy

With the production of its high-quality food, the Wernsing Food Family intends to bring the pursuit of commercial profit in line with environmental responsibility. The aim is to protect natural resources, reduce emissions and waste and ultimately also reduce operating costs through more efficient use of energy and raw materials.

In order to achieve this, we invest in environmental and energy management systems in a targeted manner. This occurs, for example, through the integrated use of innovative technologies:

  • the company’s own sewage treatment plant, with which electricity is generated from biomass
  • the operation of photovoltaic plants
  • modernisation of the boiler houses through the installation of a high-tech system for heat recovery
  • optimisation of the packaging used, which reduces the number of transports
  • a reusable system for boxes, which reduces the waste volume by up to 90%

Our central motto is "avoid, reduce, recycle". It is an obligation for us to constantly develop all measures and projects further and improve wherever possible. Ecological sustainability is a living process.

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